Tis' the season to shower your travel friends with gifts they'll not only love but use while they're exploring the world. Travel looked a little different for travelers this year, but we're all optimistic that we'll be flying the high skies soon. If you're looking for a gift for your friend or significant other who loves travel, you're in the right place!

A Travel Journal - Whether your favorite traveler is a novice or an expert traveler who proclaims that the world is their home, they will enjoy a travel journal to write out the their feelings and experiences while abroad. 
Expandable Carryon Luggage - Can a traveler ever have enough luggage? Absolutely, not! This suitcase comes with a TSA approved security lock and features an expandable case design for added packing capacity.
Personal Protective Equipment Traveler's Kit - Help your friend travel safely by giving them their own PPE kit that includes a reusable masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer.

Portable Charger with Built-In Charger Cable - Traveling with tons of cords and bulky chargers can take up tons of space in your favorite travelers carryon or personal bag. Help them free up some space by giving them a portable charger that already has their phone's charger cable built in!

Packing Cubes - I wish I had discovered packing cubes years ago. I would have saved so much money on checked luggage fees. These packing cubes from Eagle Creek weigh almost nothing and hold A LOT of clothing. They are the perfect gift to keep your travel buddy's luggage organized.

International Travel Plug Adapter - Have a friend that travels internationally frequently? They love you forever when you gift them a plug adapter that covers over 150 countries!

COWIN Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones - Noise canceling headphones are a frequent flyers best friend. You'll feel like you're alone on a packed plane, even if it's filled with crying babies! 

Travel Jewelry Box - Gone are the days of breaking earrings and loosing engagement rings! This small traveler's jewelry box will keep your small, delicate, and expensive jewelry safe and secure. 

Collapsible Travel Water Bottle - Make buying $5 bottles of water in an airport is a thing of the past for your favorite traveler with this collapsible water bottle. It's compact, refillable, and holds 18oz of water!