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Crochet Braids 101 ft. Latched and Hooked + GIVEAWAY

Hey, Babes! You all have been loving my crochet braid installs and to be honest I'm in love with it too! This crochet braid install has been the easiest to maintain, style, and the quality of the hair is unbeatable! You all DM me questions about my hair almost everytime I post pictures to my Instagram and Facebook so I gathered the FAQ's and answered them in this post! There's also a Style Lookbook & Giveaway at the end :)

#BrandsYouOuttaShop Melissa McCarthy

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Last week I posed a simple question to my followers who are sized 22+ and/apple shaped; what clothing brands do you want to try but are afraid to order?  The replies were astonishing, I had no idea so many women were afraid to try brands because of sizing, quality, and lack of knowledge that certain brands catered to our  22+ and apple shaped curves.

One brand that was mentioned several times was Melissa McCarthy. I was surprised Melissa McCarthy made the list because they are the number one retailer I purchase jeans from. My favorite pair of jeans are from Melissa McCarthy's Seven7 Jean collection. In total, I've ordered 5 pairs of jeans from Melissa McCarthy are they all exceeded my expectations. 
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Stripe Me Down

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Hey, Babes! It was a wild ride trying to order this cropped striped jumpsuit from Premme? But what do you expect to happen when two powerhouses like GabiFresh & Nicolette Mason team up to drop a bomb a$$ collection. It was love at first sight when I saw this Striped Tie-Front Jumpsuit (sold out). I couldn't believe my eyes when after 3 tries I finally received a confirmation email that my items were on their way.

Although this beauty is sold out, Nicolette and Gabi announced this jumpsuit will be making its way into Premme's Fall collection in another color! I found 3 alternative cropped jumpsuits that are sure to be head turner like this one. *click photos to shop*

Apples & Bralettes

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Hey, Babes! Lately, I've been inspired to try different styles outside of my normal dresses and jumpsuits. TCF Style Expo was the perfect opportunity to test out new looks, I knew the fashionistas that attended would be super honest as to whether or not my outfits were hits or duds lol.

I'd been eyeing this super cute printed bralette from Eloquii for weeks and knew it was making its way to ATL. The top has matching pants but by the way they are cut, I could see they wouldn't be flattering to my figure. TBH I was a bit skeptical about the cut of the bralette too. It's shorter than most other crop tops I own, and I have to be mindful of the extra handles of love on my sides ;).

Eloquii has many looks that can be mixed and matched so it wasn't hard to find the perfect wide legged cropped pant to match this top! The pants make this look apple shaped curvy girl friendly because they are super high waist which makes the tummy area appear smoother/flatter.
Apples don't be afraid to show a little midsection, you can do it fabulously; this look is proof!