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Spring Into Style

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Hey Babes, I'm back from Ghana!!!! I missed you all like crazy but I definitely needed the break. On my trip I was able to detox from personal life, the stress of work, blogging, and maintaining several social media accounts. I meditated A LOT,  danced apologetically (video coming soon), talked with my ancestors and did some "soul searching". I can honestly say this trip to the motherland was worth every penny. There's something about the West African sun that ignites your soul. I pray that everyone reading this post experiences it at least once in your lifetime.

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Spring Hair Trends

Hey, Babes! The weather is changing so that means it's time to not only time switch up our wardrobes but it's time to switch up our hairstyles too! If you're a naturlista, you may be getting ready to let your fro roam free. But if you're a lackadaisical naturalista like me, a new season means it's time for a new protective hairstyle. Whichever type of natural you are Divatress has a style for you! 

 It's no secret that I love crochet braids. I love them because they're lightweight, low maintenance, and super versatile. You can achieve several hairstyles from one crochet braid install, click here to see how I achieved 6 styles from one crochet braid install. And with proper maintenance, your crochet braid install can last up to one month. And did I mention installing crochet braids usually take less than 2 hours! What's not to love about them?!

 Take a look below at crochet styles that are trendy for Spring & Summer 2018!

Denim Shopping Essentials

Hey Babes! Spring is near and that means it's time to update our denim (or maybe that's just my excuse to buy more denim lol). If you've been following my blog you know I'm a lover of all thing denim. From denim skirts, pants, shirts, jackets to shoes....I want it all.  But jeans are my absolute favorite. Believe it or not, I remember a time when I'd never wear denim because I couldn't find my size or if a store had my size they didn't fit properly. And you all know FIT IS EVERYTHING! So I ended up trading in my jeans for leggings. I had leggings in every color, shade, and length. I probably had 20 pair of black leggings because they were heavy in rotation. But with lots of research and trial -n- error when shopping for denim as a size 24+, I finally fell in love with denim jeans again.

Dark denim jeans are the foundation of a great wardrobe. If you don't add any other denim to your closet, you must own a crisp pair of dark denim jeans. They're so versatile, they can be dressed up or down, they're seriously the chameleon of your denim wardrobe. I never want you to miss out on the feeling wearing great fitting denim gives you. I've put together a list essentials factors for you to take with you when shopping for denim, below!
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