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My Fancy Valentine

Hey Babes! I'm a sucker for romance, love, and playing dress up. Thanks to Valentine's Day all of my favorite things are united. This year I had one simple request for boyfriend; "take me somewhere fancy so I can play dress up". He laughed at my request , but he knew I was oh so serious lol :)

He surprised me over the weekend with a cruise to the Bahamas so I guess I can play dress up at the cruise's caption's dinner. If you're a fan of "fancy dates" or if you're looking for an elegant upgrade to your normal date night without breaking the bank check out my list of date ideas below:

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Plus Size Love

Happy February Babes! We're in the season of love and all things mushy. And for the first time in 3 years, I'm excited about it! Yes ya'll Ashley has a boo lol. But girl, it took a long time for me to be happy with myself to be able to accept his love. We'll talk about that later...

Let's be honest dating is hard...period. It's awkward, frustrating, and comes with a lot of unnecessary mixing with people who don't deserve your time, energy or space. But it has to be done in order to find what we're all in search of LOVE. Whether you want to admit it or not we all desire to be loved romantically by another human being. And in my opinion, we deserve to be loved unconditionally. Unfortunately, often times dating as a plus size woman love comes with lots of conditions.

Society has made it difficult for plus size women to date. From the negative and oversexualized perceptions of our bodies to the numerous stereotypes that have cursed the plus size dating community.  It feels like society is deeming plus size women unworthy of love. Well ladies, I can promise you that YOU ARE WORTHY of love. We have to begin to rewrite the narrative of plus size love.
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Supportive, Comfy, Affordable ft. Dreamfit

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Hello Beautiful! Most of us have a love - hate relationship with bras. We love that when the "girls" are sitting high, our clothes look FABULOUS. But, we hate spending countless amounts of time being measured for the right size, searching for the perfect fit, and somehow with every store we enter all of this can change. And how could I forget the 100's of dollars spent on bras that don't last or after we get home doesn't fit the same. I someone feels my pain, right?!  If you feel like me, Say Hello to Dreamfit Intimates the new and affordable bra that's been hiding out at your local Walmart.

Discern Wisely, Sis.

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And just like that 2017 is out of here. We made it through Trump, nuclear war threats, #MoonLightGate, and Kendall Jenner solving the problems of the world with Pepsi. 2017 was a weird year for me, but it all wasn't bad. I overcame adversities, had lots of wins, traveled to Cairo, let go of relationships and people that were draining my energy, and built relationships with people that are true riders for me and my brand. A lot of things happen in 12 short months but it's all apart of the process of creating new fond memories and experiencing the journey of life. Cheers to 2018 and all of the newness that a new year brings.