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5 Ways Queen of The South has Inspired Me to BOSS UP

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Have you ever had been told to put your "big girl panties on and boss up"? I have plenty of times. Majority of the time I'm having the conversation with myself. I allow fear and self-doubt talk me out of my greatness. But, when our goals are bigger than our fears; nothing can hold us back...not even ourselves. Bossing up is apart of the journey to greatness.

Being told to "Boss Up", simply means it's time to take full control and responsibility of your life and circumstances to achieve greater success. No matter where you are on your life journey you can boss up and start living your best queen life.

Recently, I've started *binge* watching the show "Queen of the South" it focuses on Teresa Mendoza's journey to becoming the biggest queenpin. Teresa's ability to preserve through any obstacle shes faced with is inspiring. There are moments in the show when I couldn't believe she still had the courage to keep fighting. Watching "Queen of the South" has inspired me to "Boss Up" and go harder.

I've put together a list of the 5 ways watching "Queen of the South" has inspired me to boss up like Teresa below:

4 Ways to Bond with Stepchildren ft. UniverSoul Circus

 Hey Babes!

When I started dating my fiance in 2016, the one thing I was nervous about was meeting his son and niece. He always spoke highly of them both and reminded me constantly that the two of them are a package deal...if you see one the other isn't far behind. To be honest, this was my first time dating someone with children and my only reference to the stepchild/ step-parent life was horrendous stories I read online and the Lifetime movies (don't judge me lol).

After meeting two of them I realized the step-parent life isn't as horrible as the internet and Cinderella makes it seem. Grant it, step-parenting and blending families is tricky because the rules, roles, and expectations of everyone (adults included) are changing.

Bonding as a blended family is very important. Even if you have reservations about spending time with your stepchildren, you should swallow your fears and do it. It's the only way you two can truly get to know each other and become comfortable together. When I found out the UniverSoul Circus I knew it would be the perfect event to spend quality time with my bonus son and bonus niece.

I've put together a list of 4 ways you can bond with your stepchildren. Hopefully, these tips will help you navigate through your step-parenting is a journey.

I'm Engaged

Hey Babes! My life is changing in a major way. Two weeks ago my boyfriend proposed to me and I'm happy to announce that I'm ENGAGED! Watch the video below to hear all about how he proposed.
If you have any marriage or wedding planning advice leave it in the comments. 

Avenue's Fash Bash

Hey Babes!

Last week I was the host of Avenue's Fashion Bash in Richmond, VA. #FashBash was the largest multi-site plus-size fashion show in the United States! I'm grateful that Avenue's store manager, Vanessa Jones, trusted me to host their event. I'm not going to lie babes - I was NERVOUS!!!! But, I remembered that Fashion Bash was an event for us. Real women with real bodies ready to strut our stuff down the runway to show the world that we're here and our bodies need representation, too! Over 3,000 plus size models unified on the runway simultaneously to celebrate the confidence of REAL WOMEN!

Thanks, Avenue for seeing the beauty in your customers who are often overlooked in the fashion industry. Special thanks to Eagle Vision Photography for capturing the essence of this event, we made history bro!
Outfit Details:
*see more pictures from the event below*
xoxo, Ashley
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