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#SimplyCurveeTravels | Prepping for the Flight to EGYPT

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Hey Babes! I'm super excited to be heading to a country I've been infatuated with since childhood. Taking this trip feels like all of my childhood dreams are coming true, in less than 24 hours I'll be waking up to the Great Pyramids of Giza as my backdrop *squeals*. 
Honestly, I'm incredibly nervous about the long flight as a plus size woman (because googling anything will scare the sh*t out of you)  but I've put together a #TravelingWhileFat survivor kit with all of the things you need to comfortable survive any long flight as a plus size babe! 
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The Weight Distress

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Hey Babes! Happy Halloween, go out and enjoy all of the candy you want (guilt-free) for one day only.

This post originally had a different theme, if you follow me on Instagram you saw I was struggling with the release of this post. Not because it was poorly written but because you all deserve more than a lackadaisical post about my ASOS Curve One-Sleeve Ruffle Top that was only $11.50 and these super stretchy high waist jeans from Charlotte Russe. (btw, if you're only here for the clothes that's cool, too. every item is linked :p) But something that's been really bothering me lately is the constant talk of WEIGHT.
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Customize Me

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Hey Babes! I'm a self-proclaimed fashionista but are you truly a fashionista without owning at least one customized article of clothing (this answer is totally up for debate)?! If the answer is YES, then I am a true fashionista now.

Fall Transitions

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Hey, Babes! Let's be honest, must of us do not have an unlimited amount of money to purchase an entirely new wardrobe every time the seasons change. If you're like me you have to learn how to bring your faves from last season over to the new one. Luckily for me, my favorite summer dress from Eloquii has made this transition super easy. If you're looking to transition some of your summer favorites, keep reading below for tips!