Kill'em With The Shoulders!

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Hey, Babes! Can you believe we're only 5 days away from June?!?! (Dear Father Time, please slow down & Dear Mother Nature, please make up your mind.) Although time seems to be moving at lightening speed and the rain won't go away, I am excited about summer! I'm ready to bust out my bikinis, short shorts, and off the shoulder tops and dresses. I pray the off the shoulder trend stays around because my shoulders are FLAWLESS...haha! Seriously though, that's what being a stylista is all about showcasing your best assets fashionably. Find your highlight and flaunt it! 

I purchased this dress from Eloquii at the store in Washington, DC! It has a very relaxed fit and super stretchy, depending on how you want it to fit I'd size down. The dress I have on is a size 24, I could have sized down for a snugger fit...but I still look BOMB and so will you! Eloquii makes great dresses that help camouflage larger midsections for us apple shaped girls!
See more pics below!

Bloggers Are Scammers!!!

Don't hate me after this...but if you're scamming STOP IT NOW!

Happy Birthday to ME!

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Hey Babes! It's officially my 25th birthday! OMG, I'M 25!!! Last year, I shared with you the "24 Things I Learned before 24", this year I'm celebrating the journey of self-love and growing confidence. If you'd told me 10 years ago, I'd have a blog, post pictures of my full body online, and share some of the daily struggles I face as a fat girl with complete strangers on the internet; I'd call you a liar lol. Today, I'm celebrating the girl who never saw her beauty and worth who's becoming FEARLESS, CONFIDENT, & STYLISH 1 post at a time :)


Hey Babes! I'm just getting home from ATL, and boy did I have a FABULOUS time. I roadtripped (is this a word lol) to Atlanta on Saturday for Life Styled 2017 by Maui Bigelow of Phat Girl Fresh. Life Styled honors women in the plus sized fashion industry who've used their platforms to uplift and empower women. This year's event honored Madeline Jones, Chastity Valentine, Shaina Harrison, Molly Hopkins, Jasmine Elder, and Falon Bonner, these women are even more flawless in "real life".  Here are my favorite moments from #Lifestyled17: