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Avenue's Fash Bash

Hey Babes!

Last week I was the host of Avenue's Fashion Bash in Richmond, VA. #FashBash was the largest multi-site plus-size fashion show in the United States! I'm grateful that Avenue's store manager, Vanessa Jones, trusted me to host their event. I'm not going to lie babes - I was NERVOUS!!!! But, I remembered that Fashion Bash was an event for us. Real women with real bodies ready to strut our stuff down the runway to show the world that we're here and our bodies need representation, too! Over 3,000 plus size models unified on the runway simultaneously to celebrate the confidence of REAL WOMEN!

Thanks, Avenue for seeing the beauty in your customers who are often overlooked in the fashion industry. Special thanks to Eagle Vision Photography for capturing the essence of this event, we made history bro!
Outfit Details:
*see more pictures from the event below*
xoxo, Ashley
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My Best Life

Hey Babes! There are moments I wish I could relive simply because I didn't fully enjoy the moment. Since, I've started to take my blog and social media presence seriously I've been so caught up in taking the "perfect" picture to capture moments in my life, I forgot to live in those moments. I made a vow to myself that while in Ghana. I would slow down on taking pictures of every minute and simply live in the moment. Although, I still took lotsssss of pictures - it was almost 50% less than I would have taken if I hadn't made the conscious decision to relax. And to my surprise our group photographer, Lauren Cowart, took the best candid pictures of me. I never would have imagined the best photos taken of me would be taken while I was genuinely being carefree and living my best life!

Goodbye Chafing, Hello Fashion ft. Bandelettes

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Hey Babes!
One of the many reasons I love summer and spring fashion is because I get to pull out my short shorts, dresses, and skirts. I have great legs and I don’t mind showing them off. One thing, I’ve been quiet about is the pain I endure when I wear my favorite short styles because of thigh chaffing a.k.a “chub rub”.

For those of you that don’t know, chub rub happens when your inner thighs touch and rub together, causing friction resulting in a number of problems including, but not limited to chafing, burning sensations, blisters, rashes, bleeding, bumps and discoloration. Have you ever had to throw your favorite jeans away because you’ve somehow gotten a random split in them near your inner thigh? You can thank my dear old friend “chub rub”. There are numerous remedies for thigh chaffing including creams, powders, and sprays but none of them have given me 100% anti chaffing relief. I’d given up hope on finding a long lasting solution for thigh chaffing until I was introduced to Bandelettes at the TCF Style Expo last summer.

Bandelettes are anti-chafing thigh bands that feel great, look sexy and stay put all day long. They’re made for women of all shapes, sizes, and creeds that are ready to put an end to THIGH CHAFING and wear their summer and spring styles confidently and comfortably.  

My Spring Style Closet ft. Avenue

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Hey Babes,
Spring has finally sprung and I'm here for it! I've teamed up with Avenue Stores to bring you spring style trends for the upcoming season. My Blogger's Closet Collection includes shoes, pants, dresses, shirts, accessories, and more to get your closet spring ready.

For plus size women  over a size 24 it's tiresome looking for brands that offer stylish clothing, are affordable and that are of a great quality. Majority of the time, stores slack on one or more of the things we're looking for. Luckily for us we have Avenue Stores! Avenue is truly a one stop shop for all of our wardrobe needs (did you know they sold underwear and bras). Avenue Stores is definitely a #BrandYouOuttaShop.

Shop a few pieces from my Blogger's Closet Collection below:
 (entire collection: here)