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I remember talking to my business partner in late-March as the first case of COVID-19 was confirmed in the U.S. We joked about the cheap flights and started making plans to take full advantage of the travel deals and discounts. I never imagined 2 months later, I'd test positive for coronavirus. 
This blog post will be everything I needed when I first tested positive. I shuffled through many blog posts and YouTube videos but I didn't find one that gave me reassurance that I'd recover or that was written/recorded by a person who was positive; most of the videos were recorded from the perspective of caregivers. Before we dive into my COVID-19 journey, I am not a physician. These were my symptoms and recovery habits. Please consult your doctor and get tested for COVID-19 if you are experiencing symptoms outlined by the CDC  
I'll be super transparent here I was under quarantine majority of the month of June. I came in close contact with someone who was positive and was mandated to go under quarantine, no lie...I didn't feel sick until the 13th day. I felt like I was coming down a sinus infection. I was cleared to go back to work on a Monday and that entire day I felt extremely hot and EXHAUSTED. I remember pulling up to my house and used every bit of energy in my body to make it from my driveway to my front door. Once inside, I passed out on the couch until the next day. 
When I woke up Tuesday, I made an appointment with my PCP because I knew deep down inside my body was fighting off a severe "sinus infection". As soon as I told them my symptoms, they told me to come in to get tested immediately. THAT SHIT WAS PAINFUL!!!! I hope they have found an easier way to test because that COVID-19 test pain is indescribable. After you've tested, you're advised to go under quarantine if you have symptoms. Ya'll right after the test, things started to go downhill. I was sick for a total of 17 days and I tried to document most of it, I'll insert a clip below.
Here's a rundown of my symptoms:
Nasal Congestion 
Fever (Day 1 - 9; my fever averaged 100.3 - 101.2. My highest fever was 102.5)
Loss of taste and smell (Strangely, I was craving collards greens. My mom made them for me even though I couldn't taste them lol.) 
Cough (my cough didn't start until Day 7 of quarantine and it lasted for 10 DAYS) 
Diarrhea and vomiting (only lasted one day, but it was severe.)
Let's talk about recovery. Outside of my immediate family and a very select group of friends, I didn't tell anyone I was positive. I felt ashamed and afraid. I didn't understand how I had become positive because I followed all of the COVID-19 rules; handwashing, social distancing, staying-at-home, etc. I was watching the news religiously to see if one of the "rules" had changed or if I missed one to follow. All I was seeing on the news was COVID-19 deaths and how Virginia (my state of residency) was unprepared for a large outbreak of coronavirus. Taking in so much negative news made me sad af! The first part of recovery is maintaining your mental health. Turn off the news and any news related notifications you receive on your phone. I watched a lot of Spongebob, Hey Arnold, and Chopped; these shows made me laugh, feel happy, and taught me a few life and cooking skills!  
Try to spend some time outside in nature. I'm privileged to have a back yard so I went outside for 20-30 mins per day to get out of my room, get some fresh air, and feel the grass under my feet. Grounding myself in the earth helps me feel connected to God and is known to have great health benefits. Try a grounding technique to help calm your mental state.
Next, increase your raw food, water, and health shot intake. My good friend, Chardline, sent me a recipe for a detox smoothie that included turmeric, ginger, lemon, coconut water, and cayenne pepper; you can get the full recipe in her IG Highlights. I drank this smoothie 3x a week and I purchased daily ginger and energy shots from my local Wal-mart. These drinks have an acquired taste but the benefits outweigh the taste. Also, eat as many raw veggies and vegetable-based meals as you can. I didn't have much of an appetite but I snacked on a lot of veggies so my body could be equipped to fight off the virus. Remember to stay HYDRATED! Drink lots of water and then drink 3 more bottles.
Lastly, document your experience. Looking at your recovery wins no matter how big or small will give you the encouragement to keep pushing. Like any other disease or virus, testing positive it is not a death sentence and good health is right on the other side of COVID-19. If you're reading this article as you're battling coronavirus, remember..this too shall pass!