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Happy Monday, Curvee Sisters! Monday brings new goals, new opportunities and... new stressors. I've come to accept that stress is apart of life. In some aspects of my life stress keeps me inspired to work, write, and create. But, I'm also aware that too much stress can be detrimental to my health. Living in a society that's always pressuring us to work more and that has adopted the motto "sleep is for the dead", I decided to reclaim my time, peace and calm. Here are 6 ways you can reclaim yours, too!
1. Breathe
The most simple yet complex task of the 6. Simply BREATHE. Taking in slow, deeps breaths can drastically decrease tension in your body. Here's a list of breathing exercises that I currently use. 
2. Indulge in Natural Calm
Have you tried magnesium supplements? You should!  Adding magnesium to your diet helps you feel more relaxed and calm through the day and a drink of  Natural Vitality's Calm before bed makes sleep come faster!  Natural Calm is a fruity, effervescent drink that promotes healthy magnesium levels and balances calcium intake. This balance helps you to feel less stressed and more relaxed.  As you know, Good health is all about balance. Grab FREE samples of Natural Calm here.
Reclaim Your Time
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3. Read A Good Book
Reading is one of my favorite ways to relax. Opening a good paperback book can transport my thoughts to another time and place. Often, I get so lost in the stories that I lose the track of time and hours have passed by. If traditional reading isn't your thing, try audiobooks!
4. Unplug
There's tons of research online that connect the dots between rising stress levels and constantly checking your phone. Try turning off your phone for one day or intentionally leaving it at home when you go out. You'll be surprised at how peaceful you feel at the end of the day.   Reclaim Your Time, Peace, & Calm ft. Natural Vitality
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5. Journal
At the beginning of 2019, I started a gratitude journal. Every night, I write down 2-3 things that I'm grateful for. Your journal can include as many items as you like, but I like to keep things simple. Nothing is too big or small to be added to the list (my first entry was my new found love for wine lol).
6. Learn the Power of NO!
You'll thank me later. Learning to say no to things that do don't serve a purpose in your life is the ultimate reclamation of your time, peace, and calm!

I hope these tips have helped you on your journey to a stress-free & calm space. If you have other tips to add to the list, comment below!
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