Happy New Year Curvee Sisters! I've started typing this post numerous times but each time I started the words didn't feel authentic. So here's my first post of 2021...a therapeutic brain dump. I hope you enjoy reading it and maybe some of you can relate.

Last year, while everyone was excited for 2020 and praising it for being the year of vision, clarity, etc. I openly told my therapist that I wasn't feeling it. I struggled to create goals last year, I was unsure about the trip itinerary, and I had a uneasy feeling like shit just wasn't going to be all peaches and cream like everyone was envisioning.  Not wanting to be a Debbie Downer or Negative Nancy, I did all the things that you're in the new year; made goals, vision boards, and proclaimed that "2020 was going to be the best year ever". If only I had trusted my intuition... I would've been prepared for the fuckery that 2020 brought. No need to go through all of the mess of 2020 because I know it was a hell of a year for all of us.

Although, we're already 14 days into the new year and things have been far from perfect (I'm under quarantine RIGHT NOW...smh...we'll talk about that another day) I have a feeling that 2021 is going to be a year full of spiritual growth, success, and financial gains. *cues where the money reside*

Instead of making resolutions this year that were achievement and career driven, I decided to make promises to myself that are centered on my spiritual growth and personal development. I even purchased a promise ring from Pandora to wear as a material reminder of the promises I've made. Below is a list of the 7 promises I've made to myself in 2021.

  • Be kind to myself (and others).
  • Trust my intuition.
  • Prioritize self-care.
  • Say what I feel at all times (with good intentions).
  • Use my authentic voice at all times.
  • Affirm my needs, wants, and desire over my life.
  • When new opportunities scare me, go after them confidently and fearlessly.
Happy 2021!