Photography: Eagle Vision Photography

Style, Curves, and CONFIDENCE! Those are the only 3 words that encompass the magic of Avenue's annual #YourConfidenceIsShowing Spring Fashion Show. This year, I took my hosting talents to Raleigh, NC! The southern hospitality was in the air, the crowd welcomed this Virginian with open arms after a few jokes about my accent lol.  
After a few jokes and highlighting Avenue's Spring trends (floral, mixed prints, crisp white denim), the models were ready to hit the runway. The ladies in Raleigh were full of sass, spunk, and exuded confidence! Each of the models wore styles from Avenue's latest spring collection and a few of them even styled themselves for the show to showcase their individual styles!
After the fashion show, I had the opportunity to chat with the customers and models about what #ConfidenceIs to them. This moment was so profound. After lots of tears, laughs, hugs, and photos; I realized that #ConfidenceIs is more than a hashtag but a movement. Many of us women are on a journey to define what confidence is to us and every day we're putting our best foot forward to exude a confidence that shines from within. Major thanks to Avenue for constantly reminding women to live out loud! 
*This post was sponsored by Avenue. All opinions are my own*