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Hey Babes! Happy Halloween, go out and enjoy all of the candy you want (guilt-free) for one day only.

This post originally had a different theme, if you follow me on Instagram you saw I was struggling with the release of this post. Not because it was poorly written but because you all deserve more than a lackadaisical post about my ASOS Curve One-Sleeve Ruffle Top that was only $11.50 and these super stretchy high waist jeans from Charlotte Russe. (btw, if you're only here for the clothes that's cool, too. every item is linked :p) But something that's been really bothering me lately is the constant talk of WEIGHT.
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I work a full-time job, host a radio show, blog part-time, entertain my friends, scroll through my various forms of social media, chat with strangers, catch up with family and still manage find the time to eat and sleep daily (I didn't realize how busy I am until just now). And 9 times out of 10 weight becomes a topic of discussion within 4 of these activities every single day. That's becoming overwhelming and it's seriously stressing me out.

In almost every environment I'm in I talk to women who negatively call themselves fat and are planning on going on an extreme diet or workout regime to lose weight or on the converse I talk to women who are skinny and constantly talk about how they want to gain weight, they tell me how lucky I am to have hips, butt, and breast, some have the audacity to jokingly ask if they can have some of my "fat"(but please believe me, sis, if it was that easy you could have 100 of these lbs today!). We discuss weight so freely and unconsciously that we don't take the time to process how the other person may feel about their weight journey.

We have to do better as a society. Kids have weight issues, 20-year-olds are having weight loss surgery only being 75lbs "overweight", weight loss/gain is synonymous with beauty (ex. #ThickRihanna or Blac Chyna's snapback body), people are lacking real confidence because of the numbers on the scale but pretending to have real confidence on IG, there's a cry for help from fat people to be accepted (yep, that's all "body positivity" is imo.), and the list of how weight is shaping our society can go on and on. Weight talk is too much, folks in the comment sections of the Internet are even becoming doctors, death predictors, and body shamers because weight is the omen to the quality of life in our society.

I know this post has already gotten super long but I just wanted to get that off my chest and remind you all that LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE is the goal. Yes being overweight comes with health issues but so does being underweight, being short, being tall, being black, being mixed, being white, ect. So focus on being the best you possible and everything else will fall into place. Don't die from stressing about be weight :)
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