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Hey Babes! I'm super excited to be heading to a country I've been infatuated with since childhood. Taking this trip feels like all of my childhood dreams are coming true, in less than 24 hours I'll be waking up to the Great Pyramids of Giza as my backdrop *squeals*. 
Honestly, I'm incredibly nervous about the long flight as a plus size woman (because googling anything will scare the sh*t out of you)  but I've put together a #TravelingWhileFat survivor kit with all of the things you need to comfortable survive any long flight as a plus size babe! 
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1. Comfortably is Key!
First and most importantly, dress comfortably. The flight to Egypt is over 17 hours long, I couldn't imagine sitting that long in anything other than this comfy and stylish jogger suit from Avenue. Avenue has a plethora of activewear that will ensure your trip will be as comfortable as possible. This activewear jacket is super soft and stretchy with mesh inserts that gives slight contouring to my frame. I love that this jacket covers my buttocks, who wants to be worried about whether or not my clothes are raising up for 17 hours. Also, these leggings are heaven sent!

2. Excuse Me Do Have A...Seatbelt Extender?
Most flight attendants are very discreet and want to make your flight as comfortable as possible, but that doesn't ease the fact that asking for an extender is embarrassing. I've saved myself the embarrassment by purchasing my own seatbelt extender for less than $15. Before purchasing make sure the extender works for the flight your boarding. If all else fails, just quietly as the attendants for an extender.

3. Bring Your Own Snacks
On international flights they will offer you food. I'd rather bring my own goodies because getting a case of the "bored munchies" is sure to happen. 

4. Get Work Done!
Working will help pass the time. You're 35,000 feet in the air for a very long time. Get that blog post out, sis. (This one may have been a little pep talk to myself too lol.) 

5. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate
This one may not be well received for those of you that aren't comfortable using the dreaded airplane bathroom but dehydration is worst than the bathroom. So drink lots of water before and during your flight so you won't suffer the wrath of dehydration. Majority of the airlines have a small water cooler with cups near the restroom.  

6. Shake It Off
Make sure you move around during the flight. You will get muscle cramps and potentially blots for sitting down so long. Take a short walk around the cabin. Breathe, stretch, and shake your legs and arms to get some circulation going through your body. You'll thank me later :)

7. And Lastly....

Bon Voyage! See You In Egypt < 3
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*This post was sponsored by Avenue. All opinions are my own.