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Hey Babes! I'm a self-proclaimed fashionista but are you truly a fashionista without owning at least one customized article of clothing (this answer is totally up for debate)?! If the answer is YES, then I am a true fashionista now.
I've been in love with this Christian O'meshun set since I saw it on Instagram a few months back. I was super nervous about ordering it online because I have the shorts legs ever and my handles of low have taken over my back so I wasn't sure how it would fit on me so I never ordered. Fortunately for me, Christian O'meshun was a vendor at the TCF Style Expo and her live model was wearing this set!!! I knew in that moment this fit was mine. 

I customized the Wide Leg Pants to fit my short legs and I requested a different print in the Dana Ruffle Top (designer's choice, didn't she get it RIGHT?!). The top offered the perfect amount of coverage so I didn't need it customized for sizing.

 Apple shaped girls, Christian O'meshun is a brand you need to shop. She offers great quality at an affordable price + with customization options, every item will fit like a glove.

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top plus size blogger fashion
Photography: Eagle Vision Photography

Thanks for reading! What was your first customized clothing item? Are you #TeamCustomizeMe?