Hey Babes! Let's face it, there's nothing better Sunday brunch with great food, drinks, friends, and style! I love getting together with my friends in different cities to try the best Sunday brunch spots in their cities; here's a list of my 5 Summer Brunch Essentials:

1. Style 

My style for brunch in always comfy chic. Grab you favorite statement dress, like this one from Gwynnie Bee add a cute sandal and be on your way!

2. Food
Isn't food truly the most important part of brunch...I mean it's not brunch without a bomb a$$ meal! I love trying new restaurants every weekend for brunch, this hearty yet healthy meal was from Busboys & Poets in Washington, D.C.

3. Friends
I work 2 jobs Monday-Friday, my day starts at 6am and ends around 11pm daily. I don't have much free time to hang out with my girlfriends so I enjoy catching up with them on Sundays at brunch! When I'm traveling, I catch up with my #BloggerBoos in the nearest city, while in D.C you can me chatting and laughing with Joy of Joy of Curves

 4. Location
As a blogger, I've learned to maximize all of outings. I like choosing restaurants that offer great scenery for photoshoots (after we brunch of course lol). Joy was such a good sport taking almost 50 photos of me in 10 minutes lol.

5. JAVA 
What's breakfast, brunch,..or any starter of the day without a cup of java. Get adventurous at brunch and try different types of java that pair well with your meal. (Java is the wine of brunch ;) )

What are your brunch essentials? Let me know in the comments!