Hey, Babes! I'm super excited to be attending The 3rd Annual Curvy Fashionista Style Expo presented by Ashley Stewart in ATL this July. The Expo & Conference is heaven on earth for plus size fashionistas, bloggers, and brands. *Imagine 40+ vendors that cater specially to plus size women & men...that's unheard of* The Expo is more than just shopping, there's lots of learning from the panel discussions, socializing with your favorite plus size fashion bloggers and #bloggerboos and LOTS OF NETWORKING! TCF Style Expo is a must attend event for Summer 17'! 

If you're attending The Expo for the first time this year, I've got you covered on all the things you'll need for #TCFStyleExpo. First up, NETWORKING:

1.  Elevator Speech
Once you introduce yourself as a blogger, get ready for the questions: "What do you do?" "What do you blog about?" and BE READY to answer quickly and confidently. You've got 30 seconds. Give them enough information so they know who you are and what you do, but also keep them interested so they want to visit your site when they get home :)

You never know who you'll connect with, your next big gig may be a business card exchange away. Plus, #ProfessionalismMatters

3.  Mints
The interview with Frenchie Davis *pictured above* literally happened less than 2 minutes after I ate bacon, potatoes with onions, and sipped a mimosa (TCF Style Expo team feeds you well). But how embarrassing would it have been to interview on the Teal Carpet with stinky breath lol. Grab some gum or a mint and grub away!

4. Smartphone & Portable Charger
You will want to tweet out all of the live action fabulousness that is TCF Style Expo! And your favorite plus size bloggers, stylists, models, and friends will be Instagram ready for a photo-op! *don't be left out because of a dead phone*

*excerpt from Jeanne of FinesseCurves.com*
 It’s okay to get in where you fit in and make new friends. Or, go off and do your own thing in between sessions; this way, you have time to decompress. And, you never know who you may find playing hooky, too.

Hope these tips helped you alleviate a little of your anxiety about attending The Curvy Fashionista Style Expo.