Seattle Travel Journal

Date: 10/11/2021

Time: 9:32 am

Location: Seattle, Washington 

Hello Travel Thoughts,

I remember during my trip to Cuba in 2019, Kenyatta continuously referred to travel as the spice of life. I wasn’t quite sure what she meant by it until this trip to Seattle. Travel is the flavor of my life, it’s the razzle dazzle, the garnishment, & the salt & pepper to taste lol.  

I didn’t realize how much fulfillment travel has brought to my life until I did some self reflection at the Pike Place Market pier. The scenery, the people, the fresh flower bouquets, the artsy crafts, & the crisp air filled me with so much gratitude. I remember a time when exploring world felt like it was out of my reach. Now look at my life, I’ve seen nearly 50% of the United States & I’ve visited ~10 countries! Let’s not forget to mention that I created a travel group that curates trips for plus sized women. God, you’re just showing out & I thank you!

I’m glad Kristin was able to join me on this trip since most of my domestic travel has been solo, I didn’t realize how much I missed  travel company. We were able to catch-up, vent, explore, relax, & overall deepen our friendship. Kris also convinced me to buy souvenirs for my friends & family. That’s something I literally never do…lowkey it’s my claim to fame amongst my travel friends. They know (and I quote), “Ashley ain’t going souvenir shopping” 😅. But something was different about Seattle, I wanted my loved one’s to have something that reminded them of this serene place. I also realized that I no longer want to collect art from my travels but I want to collect postcards instead! Postcards are cost efficient & very sentimental. I sent one out to myself directly from the hotel.

I have no complaints about this trip except for a teeny tiny one…Seattle needs some seasoning lol. This is not a place for foodies. I ate at roughly 9 restaurants while here & only one had BOMB food. Everything was okay and/or needed a little salt & pepper to taste lol. Even if you are a foodie, don’t count Seattle out! The friendly people, beautiful views, tourist attractions, and modern vibes make up for the food :)