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*I was given a complimentary Big Fig Mattress in exchange for my honest review of the mattress; all thoughts and opinions are my own*
Hey, Curvee Sisters! Who would have known that I‘d have separation issues over a mattress? *cue the drama* Seriously, I spend a vast majority of my time at home in my bedroom in or on my bed and after being with the same mattress for 5+ years it was hard for me to let it go. My mattress conformed to all the curves of my body. I assumed my mattress was perfect because every dip, lump, and dent on my bed was created by me for me…right? WRONG! The dips, lumps, and dents in my mattress were actually hindering me from having a good night’s rest. I didn’t discover this until I started sleeping on my Big Fig Mattress. 

Big Fig impressed me from the start because they offered White Glove delivery services. Their team was very flexible when it was time to deliver the mattress and bedframe. I was on vacation during my first excepted delivery day but they kept in contact with me for 2 weeks until we could agree on a set delivery time and date. Once the date was secured all I to do was open my front door. The team arrived on time, removed my old mattress, unboxed and set up my Big Fig mattress within 30 minutes! And the best part, this White Glove delivery service is only $99 with your purchase!

I won't lie to you, I was a little apprehensive when my mattress arrived because it was firmer than I excepted. Yes, I'm one of those people that associated firmness with comfort. My previous mattress was a full pillow top that was super soft. But 3 months in..I think I sleep better with a medium-firm mattress. The firmness of my Big Fig mattress supports my plus size frame better than any bed I've ever had and it's surprisingly more comfortable, too! It feels like I'm sleeping "on top" of my mattress vs. "in" my mattress.

The Big Fig mattress, bed frame, and box spring were all built to solve 9 common problems that people with bigger figures face when sleeping. Some of the problems that affected my sleep were sleeping hot, mattress sag, and durability.  

Have you ever went to sleep cool and comfy and when you wake you're super hot and/or sweaty? I can admit it's happened to me more time than I'd like to admit. Big Fig's solution to that problem...mattress toppers made with ThermoGel Cooling Technology. In addition to ThermoGel technology, the manufacturers of the Big Fig mattress placed a layer of perforated gel-infused latex foam directly under the quilted top for easy airflow. I'm no scientist so I don't know exactly how that helps alleviate hot sleeping lol. But, I do know I haven't had a late night sweat session in over 3 months! 

The Big Fig bed sets are good for single plus size sleepers and plus size couples! The foundation of my bed is so strong when I get out my bed at night my partner is never disturbed and vice versa. The bed balances our weight out evenly and there is n't much motion transfer. 

Sleeping on the Big Fig mattress makes me appreciate the time and effort that goes into building a mattress especially one that can hold up to 1,000 lbs. The Big Fig mattress and bed frame were crafted for longevity and durability. Big Fig stands firmly behind their product and customer service is a top priority they offer a 20-year warranty. Yes, you read that right!  The average mattress only lasts 3-5 years for plus size sleepers! 

Over the last 3 months, I’ve gotten the most comfortable, restful, and most peaceful sleep I’ve ever experienced in my adult life. We take sleep for granted and we don't hold ourselves accountable for resting well like we do with dieting and exercising. But that could possibly be because as plus size people we, It never crossed my mind that a new mattress could be life-changing. I hope you get a chance to experience sleep with a Big Fig Mattress, soon. Big Fig is currently offering $200 off of your order when you use the code: BIRTHDAY.