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Sexy Confident Plus Size Women
A quick google search of the two words, sexy women, is a quick reminder that plus size curvy women still aren't viewed as sexy by the masses. I scrolled the top 4 pages of google's results of sexy women and not a plus size (or black) woman in sight. So here we are in 2018 and I want to remind Google, society, and you reading this that plus size women are sexy, too. 

What is a sexy woman? My short answer: a woman who exudes confidence. It's not the clothes (although they help), body type, or facial features. Sexiness is feeling/mood that is born from within. Don't get me wrong outside forces play a part in how sexy a woman feels because let's keep it 100%, there's no better feeling than you man or partner loving & kissing on your curves ;). But, with or without their validation we should feel confident & sexy as plus size women.

A vast majority of plus size women aren't confident, and therefore we've begun to believe that we aren't sexy. Well, I'm here to show you that we are sexy, confident and deserving of our curves to be celebrated. Ready?
Dress: Richee' Luxe
Embrace Your Curves
The best way to feel sexy is acknowledging and accepting yourself for who you are.  It doesn’t matter what you look like. Regardless of your shape or size, the first step to feeling sexy is accepting what you look like and loving yourself for it.

Show Some Skin w/ Balance
Pull out your freakum' dress. Show your legs, arms, and clevage. But never show all 3 at the same. Showcase one and cover up the rest because style and class matters :)

Start w/ Your Undies
Invest in sexy undergarments. PERIOD. Elomi has great styles that are supportive for your girls and make you feel sexy every wear. 

Accentuate Your Curves
If you're apple shaped like me, you may despise you large tummy. But guess what, you have great legs, arms, and a fabulous decollete show those off! This dress from Richee' Luxe allowed to cover my tummy and show off my sexy legs and curves. 

Compliment Yourself
Give yourself a compliment about yourself every single day. No compliment is too small. I compliment myself on my hips and thighs faithfully. You can't tell me my hips to thigh ratio isn't A1, HA!

Touch Yourself
Taboo? I know, but says who? Learn how to turn yourself on. Look at your naked body and admire its curves, scars, and natural beauty. You and your sexy hormones will thank me later :) 

Have a tip to add to the list? How do you remain sexy and confident? Let me know in the comments!
Photography: Eagle Vision Photography