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Have you ever had been told to put your "big girl panties on and boss up"? I have plenty of times. Majority of the time I'm having the conversation with myself. I allow fear and self-doubt talk me out of my greatness. But, when our goals are bigger than our fears; nothing can hold us back...not even ourselves. Bossing up is apart of the journey to greatness.

Being told to "Boss Up", simply means it's time to take full control and responsibility of your life and circumstances to achieve greater success. No matter where you are on your life journey you can boss up and start living your best queen life.

Recently, I've started *binge* watching the show "Queen of the South" it focuses on Teresa Mendoza's journey to becoming the biggest queenpin. Teresa's ability to preserve through any obstacle shes faced with is inspiring. There are moments in the show when I couldn't believe she still had the courage to keep fighting. Watching "Queen of the South" has inspired me to "Boss Up" and go harder.

I've put together a list of the 5 ways watching "Queen of the South" has inspired me to boss up like Teresa below:

1. Visualize Yourself As You Want To Be
When Teresa hits rock bottom she sees a future version of herself that she's anticipating one becoming. If you can visualize a version of yourself that you're proud, keep that visualization with you as go on to achieving your goals.

2. Know Your Enemy
Teresa was able to get close to the Camila Vargas because she knew their weakness. You cannot win any battle understanding your opponent. Knowledge is power, success is a game of chess.

3. Do The Work
You can't have the glory without doing the work...right? Even when you question "what's the point?" Keep doing the work because success doesn't come easy!

4. Persevere
What happens when you're doing the work and you still feel like there no prospect of success in sight? You persevere just like Teresa! Teresa experienced losing her entire family, best friend, and boyfriend, she risked her life for power and sacrificed her love life all in the name of ruling her own empire. You must continue on your path to success no matter what obstacles are thrown your way.

5. Turn On Your Tunnel Vision
There are so many distractions. You can't become sidetracked with people or things that are helping you become successful. Always keep your vision in front of you!

When it's time for you to "BOSS UP" remember to be bold, unafraid, and always ready to do whatever it take to succeed!

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Queen of the South Season 3 premieres June 21st at 9pm EST on and will air each week on Thursday!