Hey Babes! There are moments I wish I could relive simply because I didn't fully enjoy the moment. Since, I've started to take my blog and social media presence seriously I've been so caught up in taking the "perfect" picture to capture moments in my life, I forgot to live in those moments. I made a vow to myself that while in Ghana. I would slow down on taking pictures of every minute and simply live in the moment. Although, I still took lotsssss of pictures - it was almost 50% less than I would have taken if I hadn't made the conscious decision to relax. And to my surprise our group photographer, Lauren Cowart, took the best candid pictures of me. I never would have imagined the best photos taken of me would be taken while I was genuinely being carefree and living my best life!

Babes, I want you to start living your best lives and enjoying the moments in your lives that bring you joy, happiness, freedom, and peace. We'll never get those moments back and you don't want to miss them because you were taking a photo. 

Love ya, mean it <3 nbsp="" p="">
*See more pictures from the Welcome to Ghana BBQ below*