Hey Babes!

Last week I was the host of Avenue's Fashion Bash in Richmond, VA. #FashBash was the largest multi-site plus-size fashion show in the United States! I'm grateful that Avenue's store manager, Vanessa Jones, trusted me to host their event. I'm not going to lie babes - I was NERVOUS!!!! But, I remembered that Fashion Bash was an event for us. Real women with real bodies ready to strut our stuff down the runway to show the world that we're here and our bodies need representation, too! Over 3,000 plus size models unified on the runway simultaneously to celebrate the confidence of REAL WOMEN!

Thanks, Avenue for seeing the beauty in your customers who are often overlooked in the fashion industry. Special thanks to Eagle Vision Photography for capturing the essence of this event, we made history bro!
Outfit Details:
*see more pictures from the event below*
xoxo, Ashley
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