Hey Babes! I'm a sucker for romance, love, and playing dress up. Thanks to Valentine's Day all of my favorite things are united. This year I had one simple request for boyfriend; "take me somewhere fancy so I can play dress up". He laughed at my request , but he knew I was oh so serious lol :)

He surprised me over the weekend with a cruise to the Bahamas so I guess I can play dress up at the cruise's caption's dinner. If you're a fan of "fancy dates" or if you're looking for an elegant upgrade to your normal date night without breaking the bank check out my list of date ideas below:

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Opera offers a great combination of classical arts, culture, love or tragedy, and a chance to dress up! 
2. Dinner Date at Top Rated Restaurant in Your Area
Google is your bff. Research a top rated restaurant in your city and give it a try!
3. Art Exhibit Opening
Art exhibit openings are an EXPERIENCE! Attend and thank me later <3 nbsp="" p="">
4. Broadway Play
Broadway plays travel often, catch an award-winning Broadway play when it comes to your city!
5. Dinner Cruise at you local "Spirit of (Your City) Tour
There are several cities that offer "Spirit of" cruises including Norfolk, New York, Washington, D.C, Boston and Chicago. Check with you local tourism board to reserve a slot! 

Photography: Eagle Vision Photography