Hey, Babes! You all have been loving my crochet braid installs and to be honest I'm in love with it too! This crochet braid install has been the easiest to maintain, style, and the quality of the hair is unbeatable! You all DM me questions about my hair almost everytime I post pictures to my Instagram and Facebook so I gathered the FAQ's and answered them in this post! There's also a Style Lookbook & Giveaway at the end :)

What is your braid pattern?
Braid pattern is a MAJOR KEY, it's the foundation for how long your install will last and how your crochet braids will look once it's completed. I've found that this is the best braid pattern for me to ensure my crochet install will be FLAWLESS!
What kind of hair did I use?
I used Latched and Hooked's McKenzie Collection Small Curls. This hair is alkaline free, soft to the touch, and feels virtually weightless!

How many boxes did I use?
I used 3 boxes of Noir (1) and 1 box Sunburst (27) of the McKenzie Collection Small Curls. Each box has 20 curls in it. I only used 3.5 boxes for this install. It's always great to have extra hair so you can add hair when your install needs a refresh.

How to keep the hair from being frizzy?
Let's be real, there's no way to stop ANY crochet style from being frizzy. Keep a pair of scissors nearby and clip frizzies away as you see fit. *I prefer frizzy hair, this hair is intended to imitate your natural texture overtime*

How long does the hair last?
With proper maintenance Latched and Hooked can last up to one month! Here are some products you can use while your hair is installed to maintain it.

Latched and Hooked pre-curled crochet braids have made my life so much easier. I don't have to wake up 30-40 minutes earlier to try to style my hair. Did I mention I'm saving almost $200 a month by installing this hair myself vs. going to the hairdresser?! In the mornings I wake, shake, fluff, and GO! It's even easy to style the McKenzie Collection Smalls Curls,  I switch up my style at least 2-3 times per week. Here's a look at my 6 go-to styles:

1. Bangs
*This is how the McKenzie Collection Small Curls naturally fall when I do the install*

2. Half Up, Half Down

3. Side Part

4. Middle Part

5. Small Pony

6. Wrapped into High Puff
*depending on your braid pattern you can achieve this style w/o a scarf*

Want to try Latched and Hooked pre-curled synthetic hair? I'm hosting a giveaway on Instagram for you and a friend (Value $160)! Follow the directions on my Instagram post to enter.

Thanks for reading! What are your favorite crochet styles?
*This post is sponsored by Latched and Hooked Beauty; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own*