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Last week I posed a simple question to my followers who are sized 22+ and/apple shaped; what clothing brands do you want to try but are afraid to order?  The replies were astonishing, I had no idea so many women were afraid to try brands because of sizing, quality, and lack of knowledge that certain brands catered to our  22+ and apple shaped curves.

One brand that was mentioned several times was Melissa McCarthy. I was surprised Melissa McCarthy made the list because they are the number one retailer I purchase jeans from. My favorite pair of jeans are from Melissa McCarthy's Seven7 Jean collection. In total, I've ordered 5 pairs of jeans from Melissa McCarthy are they all exceeded my expectations. 
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I take extra precaution when purchasing new jeans because of my large midsection, slim legs, thick thighs and size 24 proportions (that's a lot to think about when shopping for denim). Luckily, Seven7 jeans meet my criteria and then some because the quality is immaculate! Chub rub and slit thigh insides don't stand a chance with these babies! 

A big misconception of Melissa McCarthy's Seven7 jeans is that they are expensive. This statement is far from the truth. Her site offers jeans for everyone's budget; prices start at $118 and go down to $22. Other retailers that carry Seven7 sell them as low as $17

Melissa McCarthy Seven7 Jeans fit like a glove, they hug my curves in the right places! When ordering I suggest ordering your true size. The sizes range from 14W - 28W. BTW all the jeans have spandex for an added level of stretch, so know your fabrics!

If you have any questions about ordering Melissa's jeans, leave them in the comment section! Got a brand you're afraid to order from and what me to try them first, drop the name below!
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