Full Coverage Bra c/o Cacique

We all want to look FABULOUS in our clothing but we neglect one of the most important aspects of getting dressed; wearing the right undergarments. Undergarments are the foundation of every look, you should invest accordingly. I see so many women on Instagram that ruin great outfits because they don't have on the right undergarments. 

I want you to look your absolute best every time you step out the door so let's talk about bras. So many women are wearing ill fitting bras but that won't be you. These 3 tips to help you find the perfect bra for you:

The Huffington post surveyed 10,000 women about bra sizing and nearly 64% were wearing the wrong bra size. Also, wearing the wrong bra size can be very damaging to your health...hello, back pain 101. Stop by any Cacique at Lane Bryant for a complimentary bra fitting! Cacique now offers a wider range of bra sizing including 32DD-H, 34C-H, 36 - 46 FGH, 36C-DDD, 38C-H, 40-44B-H, 46-50C-DDD.

2.  Try Multiple Bra Styles
There are full coverage bras, t-shirt bras, wire-free bras, and the beloved Balconette bras from Cacique that over 5M women (including myself) love dearly. Every bra will have a different function so don't be afraid to try many styles!

3. Make Sure Your Bra FITS
Your bra straps and back band should not be digging into your skin, adjust those straps ladies! And make your bra cups encase your entire breasts. There's nothing more nerve racking than seeing boob spillage at the top of a woman's chest. 

Do you have any tips to finding the perfect bra? Leave them in the comments!
Thanks for reading!

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