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Hey babes! First and foremost Happy 2017, I know I'm late lol. But I swear I've missed you guys <3 .="" i="" lol="" now="" out="" s="" that="" the="" way="">Are you ready for Lover's Day aka Valentine's Day. I don't have many plans for this Valentine's Day but whatever I do I want to be dressed to the nines  *two snaps*.

When styling for Lover's Day, I love classic styles and colors. It's the only "holiday" I believe we should stick to the theme while getting ready. I love rich reds, pretty pinks, and classic all white whites Valentine's Day brings. Ladies, this is the for us to dress up, beat our faces, and wear those sky scraper heels unapologetically! 

Here's some Valentine's Day inspiration for you! The Jessy dress from GCG ME, is the perfect dress for any occasion. Dinner, dancing, play, shopping (I mean can you really be over dressed for shopping lol), no matter the event this dress will have there feeling sexy and looking stylish! I chose to keep my accessories to a minimum because the dress is a statement in itself. I can't wait to see your Valentine's Day pictures on Instagram. I hope you guys have a very happy (and stylish) Valentine's Day!

*When ordering from GCG ME, use code Ashley20 for 20% off your purchase* 

Photography: Eagle Vision Photography
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