Hey Babes! Last year, I started the #DearBody project where my followers and I wrote open letters to our bodies apologizing for the negative things we've done and said to our bodies. This experience was truly therapeutic and shed on light on how many of us women go through periods of low self-esteem. We all seemed to share one common issue: We forgot to tell ourselves that we love ourselves. This issue made me jump into creative mode and I decided to grab some girlfriends to help me create the #SelfLoveNote Lookbook! Take a look at our Self-Love Notes below:

Charlene, Blogger 
Charlene is Com•plex•ioned. "My skin is like the spot that adds beauty to a ladybug, it is the color of Africa's richest soil. The sweetness of dark chocolate and the reason I am majestic. My dark skin doesn't depreciate my beauty, it transcends the gifts of my ancestors like magic while glistening in the sun."

Shavontae, Fashionista
Shavontae always reminds herself that she's Beautiful. "Think Like A Queen"

Amber, Queen
PRIZE. Amber wants to let the world know;  "I AM THE PRIZE" 

Shameka, DIVA

Shameka is Bad, Boujee & Stays Queenin. "Self love is not believing we are perfect, but about learning to accept everything about ourselves.  Love yourself, the good, the bad, the ugly & the in between Queens. Crowns on!"

Brittney, Survivor 
Brittany is CONQUEROR. "Heartache, pain, motherhood, failures, success. No matter the obstacle..I AM A CONQUEROR."

Brittany, MUA
Brittany is RESILIENT. Dear Self, I love you!  I love you for being a beautiful representation of me.  I love you for your strength, your power and your ability to withstand anything that comes your way. I'm Sorry for not embracing you the way I should have, and comparing you to others... even neglecting you at times.  I'm sorry. Please forgive me for not realizing how special you really are, forgive me for not appreciating you and always finding flaws.  You're perfect just as you are. #DearBody, Thank you for being a strong and amazing temple that was created specifically for me."

Ashley, Blogger
I am ME and that is ENOUGH! "To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself. ~Thich Nhat Hanh"

Special thanks to the 6 women who were apart of this #SELFLOVENOTE LOOK BOOK. Huge thanks to the #girlboss photographer, Photos by Kera. Thanks to you for reading! If you want to join the movement, post your photo & #DearBody letters or #SelfLove notes on Instagram and use the hashtags #DearBody & #SelfLove. DON'T FORGET TO TAG ME @Simply Curvee!