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Hey, Curvee Sisters!  Happy 2019! 2018 ended very awkwardly lol...maybe we'll get a chance to chat about that...or not. Nonetheless, I'm so excited about the new year and all of the abundance that it's going to bring into my life and prayerfully yours too. 
Last year, I set out to accomplish 12 "life goals"  and although I didn't completely accomplish them all; I did accomplish 7 out of the 12! That's more than half so I'll take that lol. This year's goal list is much smaller and there's no pressure on myself if I don't accomplish them all. In 2019, I want to set goals that will genuinely make me happy. Not just a piece of me but ALL OF ME from inside out...No pressure though right lol?! Here's a look into my goals for 2019:

Travel Internationally Solo
I've been so inspired to take a solo international trip thanks to my Curvy Travel Squad on @FatGirlsTravel, Too! If you're not following Fat Girls Travel, Too! you are seriously missing out.
Travel Internationally w/ Fat Girls Travel, Too!
My DM's on the FGTT Instagram is full of curvy women who want to travel but for several reasons have opted out of travel. I want to change their mindset by hosting an international trip for them. Keep an eye out for details :) 
Save COINS $$$
Whew, chillay! Your girl needs to save. I've set a small goal of saving at least 1k in 2019. I'll update you on that in December lol.
Find A Therapist
Because we need to talk shit out w/ someone who's opinion is unbiased...dassit.
Build w/ My Tribe
Thanks to all of you who faithfully read my little hub on the internet. I appreciate you so much. 2019, we're adding new Curvee Sisters. Let me know in the comments what kind of content you want to see on the Simply Curvee Blog.
This one is pretty self-explanatory. Just a forewarning, I hope y'all are ready to see my crazy :P 

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Thanks for reading! What are your goals for 2019?
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