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Hey Babes! I'm super sad my time in Egypt has come to an end. I already miss the culture, the people (who will treat you like family no matter where you go), and the all-around joyous vibe that is Cairo. Before packing for Cairo I did lots of research on the country’s style. As you may know, Egypt is a majority Muslim country, I didn’t want my clothing to offend anyone or make me stand out too much lol. One word kept coming up in every blog post I read, video I watched, and Instagram photo I stalked, that word was modesty. Normally I’d consider myself a modest dresser but modesty in America is a tad bit different than modesty in Egypt. When choosing which outfits to pack, my goal was to stay true to my personal style while being modest. I knew the only store that could meet my expectations without breaking the budget was Avenue. Avenue offers a variety of clothing, shoes, accessories, and undergarments. Everything is affordable, fashionable, chic and modest! I knew with Avenue I could find the perfect outfits for a night out on the town, travel, and a coverup for my not-so-modest swimsuit. 
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This outfit captured the mood I wanted to set with every look I wore in Egypt. And it was a head turner, so mission accomplished. Honestly, I was a little nervous about keeping my arms and legs being covered during the day since I assumed Egypt would be super hot. But, to my surprise Egypt was cool and at night it was COLD! WHO KNEW?!

Avenue’s Virtual Stretch Frayed Jeggings fit like a glove! I can believe it took me to go to Egypt to have these beauties in my closet. The frayed and distressed designs are so subtle yet they will make you stand out in a crowd. They were modest enough for Cairo and stylish enough for me!

When styling the jeggings, I wanted a top that was flowy, had lots character, and that showed no cleavage but still had some sex appeal.  The cascading ruffle neck blouse met my expectations and more. It’s like Avenue's design team created this top just for me!

The good thing about Avenue is that it’s a one-stop shop! After putting together the perfect outfit, I headed to the shoe department to find the right shoes to pull this look together. And voilà, these leopard printed Stanton Velvet Pumps became apart of my life lol (since returning home from Egypt I’ve worn them 5 times; obsessed much?!).

If you're prepping for a trip to a conservative country it may feel overwhelming in the bigger to pack the right garments. But, if you remain open-minded and true to your personal style it will all fall into place. You wouldn't want to miss out on the trip of a lifetime because of a dress code ;)
Happy Travels &Style!

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*This post was sponsored by Avenue; all opinions are my own*