Hey, Babes! You all know I am a true supporter of all things Gwynnie Bee, every week on Instagram I have a Gwynnie Bee unboxing via my IG stories. I love how easy it is it Rent & Return or Borrow & Buy garments that are sent weekly for a set low rate. I was super excited when Gwynnie Bee challenged me to take one garment I wouldn't normally choose and wear it around my city for a day for their Adventures in Style series. As you know my city has less than 4,000 people and there aren't many happenings (so the challenge started off as a true challenge not only for my style but for my city too lol) but fortunately for me, there was a live band and wine tasting at a local restaurant. So grabbed these Melissa McCarthy Seven7 Studded Cut Off Shorts and my night on town began! See my Adventures in Style below:

My style is truly a mix of everything. Bold classic styles are my go to and I add trendy items to give my looks an element of surprise. My love for bright colors, bold prints, and block heels find its way into every outfit!

There are tons of style options in the Gwynnie Bee hive but I seriously wanted to challenge myself to style an item that I hardly wear. I chose these studded cut off shorts because shorts aren't apart of my style wheelhouse. I wear lots of dresses and jumpsuits because they're very easy to style. These shorts not only challenged me to style separates but to style a clothing item that already has a fabulous silver studded detail. 

I'd give these shorts 4 hearts. They don't have a lot of stretch so you have to size up for a more flattering fit, especially for us apple shaped girls. These shorts also very short, keep that in mind when adding them to your closet. They're trendy, cute, and perfect for summer date nights!

Melissa McCarthy's Seven7 Studded Cut Off Shorts were versatile in styling options. You can throw on a tee shirt and sneakers or add some sex appeal by adding an over-sized off-the-shoulder top and block heels like I did for a fun night in my city!

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Photography: Eagle Vision Photography