Hey Babes! I'm just getting home from ATL, and boy did I have a FABULOUS time. I roadtripped (is this a word lol) to Atlanta on Saturday for Life Styled 2017 by Maui Bigelow of Phat Girl Fresh. Life Styled honors women in the plus sized fashion industry who've used their platforms to uplift and empower women. This year's event honored Madeline Jones, Chastity Valentine, Shaina Harrison, Molly Hopkins, Jasmine Elder, and Falon Bonner, these women are even more flawless in "real life".  Here are my favorite moments from #Lifestyled17:

Ana of Maria Paulina
You guys know I LOVE TO SHOP! And when your favorite independent brands and boutiques are less than 50 ft. away..you've gotta shop til you drop!

2. Catching Up With GalPals
I love southern hospitality, and the women of ATL serve it up with a side of sweet tea! I love seeing Kay & Lisa when I'm in ATL because they always make me feel welcomed and they're always so genuine.

3. fashion, Fashion, FASHION
From personal style slaying like Toya of The Fat Girl of Fashion to curvy women KILLING the runway in LiviRae Lingerie fashion, style and slay were all in attendance at the event. And did I mention...Big Man Culture was in the building! They surely brought the eye candy!! 

I've formed real life connections with many bloggers over the past year, I affectionately call them my Blogger Boo's. It's crazy how the love for fashion and the internet connected us all! Every time we link up it's nothing but laughs & love.

5. Music
The DJ kept the tunes spinning all night! I told Sierra of Eclectic Kurves , I felt like every song that made me love ATL was played that night. See us jamming to "Brick House" above!

5. Styled IV Life
Styled IV Life is a collaboration between Muai (pictured) & Shaina of Out of The Corner, it is their way of filling a void and spreading positive messages among women. The goal is to use the platform to empower women to be happy and live their best lives despite what anyone thinks. They want to empower us to be bold & unapologetic about who we are!

Did you attend #Lifestyled 17? What were your favorite moments?
Thanks for reading! Until Next Time...