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If you're a true reader of this blog you know this is my favorite time of the year. Spring brings rays of sunshine, blossoming flowers, and the air feels clean and crisp. One major thing the Spring always reminds me of is that time always moves forward, whether we're ready or not.

Often times, I fall into patterns of laziness (it's the Taurus in me) and it becomes difficult to find inspiration to blog, shop, and sometimes go out with my friends. But right before the break of Spring times move forward. And in the blink of an eye, I've lost an entire hour of time. Strangely losing an hour gives me the extra gives me the push I need to get up and be productive. I wasted so much time laying around during the winter when I could have been out experiencing the joys of the world and finding inspiration in the unpredictability this past winter brought us. But I didn't and I'll never get that time back.

I don't want you guys to ever let time pass you by or creep upon you unexpectedly, so I've teaming up with Jord Watches to give you all a chance to win a $100 e-gift card. Click Here to enter. The contest is starts 4/11/2017 thur 4/30/2017 11:59 CST. All other entrants will receive a $25 consolation e-gift card at the close of the contest. 

Photography: Eagle Vision Photography

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Thanks for reading! How do you combat "winter blues"?