Hey Dolls! How's it going? I've been super busy lately. My 9-5 life consumed me during the last month because of the Presidential election, I'm so glad it's OVER! It felt like everywhere I went the topic of discuss was the election. I had to hide from the internet so I didn't go election crazy lol. Anyways, let's move away from the election and get to why we're here STYLING ON A BUDGET! 

Recently, I've been focusing on my personal financial discipline and I've been trying not to break my bank with my expensive shopping habits *yes I had an intervention with myself*. At one point I was spending nearly 3x over the amount I budgeted out for shopping, at this point shopping had truly become a compulsive obsession...now you see why the intervention was needed lol.  

My "intervention" made me start to look at alternatives ways to shop outside of the traditional mall run or 3 hours online shopping spree. I tried thrifting, and while there are some women who can kill the thrifted looks..thrifting is not for me! When I tell every thrift store I went into was an epic fail...it was an #EPICFAIL. I tried to shop via Facebook sale groups and let's just say I'll never pay a Paypal invoice again without having my product first. I swear I was about to give up but then an ad for Gwynnie Bee came across my Facebook news feed. I figured this was my last option and the good thing was the first 30 days was 100% free!

Thank Sweet Baby Jesus I decided to try Gwynnie Bee! My wardrobe and bank account are both thanking me. This subscription service is seriously like having a never ending wardrobe, there's over 3,000 items to add to your closet! I wore a new dress to work everyday last month. But there's so much more to chose from other than dresses; there's skirts, pants, jeans, cropped tops, formal wear, weekend wear, coats, and it's all on trend! GB even provides a prepaid laundry bag to return your items in!

I'm not going to lie there's been a few items I've loved so much that I couldn't return, thankfully Gwynnie Bee gives you the option to buy your items for a discounted rate! I brought this Isabel + Alice dress I'm wearing in the pictures for $27 and it retails for $60!!!! GB for the win!!!!

Gwynnie Bee offers size options 10-32 and includes designers like TOCCA, Melissa McCarthy, Eloquii, ALFANI, Rachel Roy, City Chic, and so many more! They offer packages that range from 1-7 garments at a time! As my gift to you, you can try Gwynnie Bee 30 days FREE by clicking here. Your closet and wallet will thank you later!+
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Photography: Eagle Vision Photography
Thanks for reading! Have you tried Gwynnie Bee? Let me know in the comment section!