Hey ladies! The time has arrived...Simply Curvy is ready to get fit! I know it has taken me forever to actually start the journey but I've finally reached my scale tipping point and I know some lifestyle changes have to be made. Also I'm prepared mentally, physically, spiritually, and financially to start working towards the health/ weight loss goal I have.

A few weeks ago I was heading to my doctor to get some meds for a sinus infection and during my physical, I couldn't believe the numbers that were on the scale. But I could believe them because of several lifestyle habits - eating before bed, not eating breakfast, only sleeping 4 hours a night, etc. 

#SimplyCurvyGetsFit is for the women out there like me who are ready for a change! Who have fitness and health goals, that are ready to take them on like the superwoman she is. During this #SimplyCurvyGetsFit journey, I'll be sharing my personal health/weight loss struggles, give you a weekly recipe that is not only delicious but nutritious, and our private Facebook group is here to provide you with motivation and give you an outlet to voice your frustrations and triumphs during this journey.  


AshleyPlease feel free to ask me any questions or voice any concerns you may have*