I'm not the only one who takes nearly 20 selfies before I get the perfect one for IG...am I!?!?! I always joke with my friends that my selfie game is weak, but this selfie changed the game lol.

Since moving on my own last month, I've spent a lot of time getting to know myself and getting in tune with my inner being. First thing I found out, I DO NOT LIKE LIVING ALONE. I miss fussing with my brother, having someone else prepare dinner, and not having to clean more than my room lol.

Being alone has given me the free time to play in my makeup, pamper myself more and gave me the luxury of turning apart of my living room space into a beauty vanity. This space is giving me so much inspiration to create YouTube videos, learn how to truly contour (it's a learning process lmbo), and it's helped me spend lotsss of money on my newest make-up obsession.

I have found a way to save some of my coins when purchasing beauty and health products. As always Groupon comes through, they now offer Health, Beauty, and Wellness Groupons!!! There are so many saving opportunities that vary from nail salons, massage parlors, hair salons, laser treatments and eyelash extensions; that's simply naming a few.  The savings are endless and it's entirely FREE!

Groupon is my go-to savings resource, I'm starting to think they're the reason for my terrible spending habits lol jk. I mean there's no other place like Groupon you can save on vacations, dining, entertainment and cosmetics with the touch of a button! 

Do you save with Groupon? Any Health, Beauty and Wellness tips and tricks? Let me know!Until next time ladies... 

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine