Last month I attended a shopping event in Richmond, VA, there I met the lovely Leeand of Diggin' Her Roots. I had been talking about purchasing an ankara printed skirt for the longest time and viola, the first booth I saw was Leeand's! The process of getting the beautiful skirt made went so smoothly, I received my skirt less than 2 weeks after placing my order. I love the customization options Diggin' Her Roots offers. This skirt is 100% customized for me and my body, I chose the length, band width and and waistband style, plus they have several fabric options! I'll working with Diggin' Her Roots more in the future!!!! I highly recommend checking them out.

Photography: Eagle Vision Creations
                                                      Skirt: Diggin' Her Roots; Reversible Clutch: Claville Fashion Truck; Bardot Top: ASOS; Shoes: Cato's Fashion (Old)