I've been wanting to shop Target's Ava & Viv line since it's release in February. Unfortunately, pictures of other women in the clothes from the launch and the pictures on the website just didn't sell me. I figured "Hey, it's the first release, it will get better..right?" So I waited for the Fall collection to drop before I made the 45 minute drive to the nearest Target to see the line in person. I was disappointed to say the least. Target's promise of a revamped plus size clothing selection was just good talking points because they are still offering the same shapeless, repetitive print & color, and frumpy clothing items that were previously offered. The only difference is this time the clothing has a brand name.
There was one piece I felt was a cut above the rest; this skirt.  It is fashionable, versatile, and is definitely worth the price tag. I love everything about this skirt from color to size! I plan to get a lot of  wear out this cutie!

My final synopsis of Ava & Viv: Sorry Target, I am NOT impressed! It's going to take a little more than 3 fabulous bloggers and overdone social media marketing to satisfy me. 

Have you shopped Ava & Viv? What are your thoughts?


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Skirt: Target Shirt: Lane Bryant (old) Shoes: Rue 2
Photography: Eagle Vision Creations