Hey Y'all! It's been such a long time since I've blogged, the blogging gawds must have sprinkled some motivation on me because recently all that seems to be on my mind is blogging.

Anyways, I've been doing a lot of traveling these past few months and no matter where I am in this world, most people seem to have a lot of the same misconceptions about people who are fat, over weight, plus size, chubby, etc. Some of these misconceptions came from people I know, strangers I interacted with during my travels, and just simply living life as a "fat girl".  

These are my 7 Misconceptions of a Fat Girl:
                 1.  I don't like your "....for a big girl" compliments.
 I am not pretty for a big girl, I am pretty because my mom and dad have great genes that made me a beautiful. Saying "for a big girl" after a compliment implies that if I wasn't a big girl I would be less attractive or my style wouldn't be as nice. So thanks, but no thanks.

              2.  I am not unhealthy.
Yes, some overweight people have health problems, but so do skinny people. I personally know skinny people who have more health issues than me. And btw I have NO major health issues other than the fact that I am overweight.

              3.   I exercise and I don't have bad eating habits
Yes, I work-out and I can walk on a treadmill longer than 2 seconds without passing out!  I can't tell you the last time I ate a McDonald's burger, Wendy's chicken nuggets, or had a burrito from Taco Bell. My family cooks well balanced meals almost every night. I do eat out sometimes, but damn I am not a pig!

              4.  I am not desperate...and my sex life is GREAT!
Why do you people think big girls are desperate? My standards are just as high as the next chick, maybe even higher and trust every man that walks pass me doesn't fit my criteria. 

              5.  I am not the funny & fat friend.
Sorry t.v has made you believe this lie. But I'm not that funny -_-

              6.  I do not want to be skinny.
I want to be healthy and happy. Being healthy and happy does not mean skinny, WTF!!!!

              7. I LOVE MYSELF!
I am overly thankful to the most high for creating me curvy. I love every curve on my body from my smile to my hips! People have some how forgotten that the "imperfections" we all have is what makes us beautiful as a human race. 

Any misconceptions I missed? Add them in the comment section!

Thanks for Reading!