Hey Guys! So with the start of a new year so many people start diets that barely last to the beginning of February. I've never been able to diet and trust I've tried sooooooooooooo many. This year I wanted to take on my personal health journey from a different angle. Rather than saying that I wanted to lose X number of pounds, I genuinely just want to be healthier rather than skinnier. Besides, I can't let go of these curves lol.
I am starting the Eat Smart, Move More, Slim Down program to help me getting motivated to continue to make healthier lifestyle changes. The program is free, so I definitely had to take advantage. 
I am going to be vlogging this journey through Youtube. If you're on a fitness journey I hope we can be inspiration to one another!

#Stronger :)

I'm finally getting a good use of my favorite sneakers!
Thanks for Reading!