What a brutal winter, especially for us Virginians! So much snow, sleet, and freezing temperatures. I thought winter would never be over. And even though we aren't hanging up our coats just yet, Spring is definitely in the air! Spring is my favorite time of the year! Not only because my birthday is in Spring (May 5th!) but springtime fashion is always fun, functional and chic! And of course my pastel colors come out to play. Pastels are my favorite. My go to pastel color this year will be NUDE. Nude is quickly becoming a must have color. Everything nude is in style from nude accessories, shoes, bags, and even nude lips! Nude is everywhere. My first day of Spring outfit was centered around my new favorite nude shoes, but I think my bright white pants stole the show!

Jeans- Dots, It's sad that this store is going out of business they had good plus size fashion items at affordable prices! Store Locator

 Shoes- Old Navy